Bang and Olufsen’s new 4K TV moves to face watchers

Washington, May 9: Danish design specialist Bang and Olufsen has reportedly unveiled its first 4K television set that moves towards the watchers when they are in the TV room.

The TV screen adjusts itself to face the audience as they move around the room.

According to The Verge, the new BeoVision Avant is an unsurprisingly minimal take on a modern television, and features a few unique tricks to set it apart from the mass market TVs lined up at Best Buy.

The television set has a 55-inch LED panel, made by Samsung.

It offers bright colors and wide viewing angles and is framed by bezel and is accompanied by a built-in 3-channel audio system with eight speakers and eight separate amplifiers.

The Avant has a built-in light sensor that constantly monitors the lighting conditions in the room and adjusts the set automatically for the best presentation without any input from the viewer, the report adds.

Priced at 7995 dollars, the TV set will be available in market this month. (ANI)