Bar association goes on strike in Punjab

Amritsar(Punjab) May 12: Lawyers of the Amritsar Bar Association went on strike on Monday over injustice done to them.

The lawyers called the strike on account of different issues. One of the issues was attempt to murder on advocate Vineet Mahajan. The Amritsar Bar Association claimed the police have identified the culprits and demanded their arrest.

The association claimed that advocate Sandeep Gorsi was falsely booked under Section 307 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) due to political pressure. They demanded the cancellation of FIR (First Information Report) registered against Gorsi in false attempt to murder case.

The legal professionals also protested against illegal detention of district court advocate Kartar Singh by the police, who was also subjected to torture in illegal police custody. They demanded police officials to be held accountable for the action.

The President of Amritsar Bar Association, Parminder Singh Sethi, said that they have given 48-hour deadline to the police officials to take the required steps failing which they will take different course of action.

“See, we have given an ultimatum of 48 hours to the police authorities and the police authorities have shown us full cooperation. They have lodged an FIR in the case of Vineet Mahajan and they have marked an enquiry in the case related to Sandeep Gorsi. One case is pending as of now, of Kartar Singh and if you ask Kartar Singh, he will explain you well about the third degree treatment he received by the police,” said Sethi.

The bar association blamed Punjab’s cabinet minister Anil Joshi for the treatment meted out to them. Joshi was held for ‘dual vote’ and was exposed by Mahajan and Gorsi.

The lawyers shouted slogans against ruling government in Punjab. Army and police personnel were on guard to ensure that the situation does not go out of control. (ANI)