Bhopal reverberates with joyful sounds as it celebrates World Laughter Day

Bhopal, May 4: Bhopal reverberated with joyful sounds as people competed with each other to release their tensions and reduce stress by venting out all negativity and bringing in positivity through the medium of laughter as they celebrated World Laughter on Day on Sunday.

A large group of people belonging to atleast 28 Laughter Clubs conducted a rally throughout the city to create awareness and spread the message of the beneficial virtues of laughter for human health and psyche.

World Laughter day is celebrated throughout the world on the first Sunday of the month of May each year. This day is a gentle reminder to society that laughter is indeed the best medicine to ward off the monotony of modern day mechanised lifestyles.

“Nowadays, there is so much stress and tension in the world, a person is stressed out at home and even outside and laughter is the only medium to make the person stress free. Initially, it feels like we are faking laugh, but soon it turns into a real laugh. So in totality it is very good for the health and this rally which has been conducted to spread awareness about laughter, inspires many,” said a laughter club member, Meera Purohit.

A new poll has revealed that laughter is the best medicine to cure flu.

According to the poll conducted by ‘Day and Night Nurse’, three out of four people claimed that a chuckle makes them feel more energetic. The poll found that women are skilled at harnessing the power of laughter, and 83 per cent of them agreed that it cheers them up, while only 70 per cent of men agreed to the same.

People in Bhopal were seen jumping, singing and laughing heartily simultaneously. With the ongoing general elections, rising prices, frequent riots, and other problems typical of the modern era, stress is gnawing into the lives of men, leaving them with precious little to laugh about.

But a conscious attempt to laugh changes all.

The people during the rally in Bhopal even pointed out that laughter is a binding force that unites all religions.

A Laughter Club member, Devendra Chaudhary, who had suffered a heart attack claims he feels better after a good bout of laughter.

“People of all religions whether Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians- should all laugh together and not fight with each other. This is our message. Spend your time laughing and live a long life. It is laughter which has saved me and I wish to depart from this world laughing,” said Chaudhary.

A large number of people belonging to all age groups thronged the rally. Bhopal witnesses such rallies on World Laughter Day each year for the past ten years.

Laughter as a mode of remedy for maladies is fast gaining popularity throughout India. Almost every town and city has a Laughter club which has members of all age groups, religions and social backgrounds.

Everyday, nearly 2000 people join the Laughter Clubs of Bhopal and do Laughter Yoga.

World Laughter Day was created in 1998 in India by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the Worldwide Laughter Yoga movement.

Laughter Yoga is a type of exercise that combines laughter, “yogic” breathing and unique exercise movements. Participants breathe in and out very deeply – and very slowly – through the nose. When performed within a group the result is nonstop, hearty laughter – no jokes needed.

Since Laughter Yoga can be done sitting or standing, it works for people of all ages regardless of physical ailments. Laughter Yoga started with just five people and has since spread to more than 6,000 Laughter Clubs in 60 countries.

Laughter Yoga improves circulation, moves oxygen through the body, lowers stress, relieves pain, strengthens the body’s immune system, which helps fight off disease. It also improves mental alertness, memory, creates a positive state of mind and boosts self-esteem. (ANI)