Boko Haram attack victim shares harrowing survival story

Washington, May 7: Habila Adamu, a resident of northern Nigeria reportedly survived mass attacks on Christians by the notorious Boko Haram militants two years back, after which, he came to the US to share his ordeal.

The group went out on a shooting spree around his neighborhood killing Christians who refused to accept Islam.

Adamu recalled during his testimony in US’ Congress last November how he was shot in the head by the militants at his house, ABC News reports.

He recalled how gunman bearing AK-47s went around his neighborhood shooting and killing Christians who refused to accept Islam.

Adamu said that the last words spoken to him by the Boko Haram gunman before he was shot through the head was ‘Habila, are you ready to die as a Christian?’”

On November 28, 2012, gunmen came to his home at around 11 p.m. and confronted him with his family. He thought they were soldiers on patrol, and when they opened the door, he was shocked to see that they were wearing robes and masks.

He was ordered by the gunmen to come out with his family. And when he came out, they ordered his family to go back, and his wife begged them not to harm him.

They said she should go back, because they were here to do the work of Allah. When he heard that, he knew that they were here to kill him.

After asking him for the second time whether he was ready to die a Christian, the men shot him through the nose and then kicked him thinking he was dead and yelled out Allahu Akbar.

However, luckily, Adamu survived the gun shot and lived to narrate his story. (ANI)