Brazilian football fan killed by toilet bowl during clashes after local game

London, May 4: A Brazilian football fan was reportedly killed in a football stadium when he was hit by a toilet bowl thrown at the end of a match in the city of Recife.

Although Recife is one of the host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, however, the matches will be held at another stadium in Recife, the Arena Pernambuco, which has been especially built for the tournament, and not at the Arruda stadium, where the incident took place.

According to the BBC, Paulo Ricardo Gomes da Silva was killed and another three people were reportedly hurt after being struck by toilet bowls, which were ripped out of stadium facilities and hurled at rival fans below, as clashes took place near one of the entrances to Arruda stadium.

The report mentioned that Brazil’s football association decided on Saturday to ban matches in the stadium until a court of sport has ruled on the case.

The clashes took place on Friday night after local side Santa Cruz drew 1-1 with Parana, from southern Brazil and the report added that the visiting side’s fans were leaving the stadium when the toilet bowls were thrown out of the upper tiers of the Arruda stadium. (ANI)