Clarkson receives ‘final warning’ from BBC for using ‘n-word’

Wellington, May 04: Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has revealed that BBC has issued a final warning to him after he landed in controversy for using the n-word in a non-aired camera clip.

Writing in his weekly Sun newspaper column Clarkson reportedly revealed that he had run out of chances and would be sacked if he ever made an offensive remark again.

Clarkson wrote that he feels funny because he always though that he would be sacked for something he said and not for something that he actually did not say, reported.

The presenter further mentioned that it is inevitable that one day, someone, somewhere would say that he has offended them and then that will be that.

Clarkson said that his BBC bosses had ordered him to make last week’s apology for something he had not done, adding that an apology is a good idea if one has just spilled some beer down someone’s shirt, but saying sorry for using the most racist word of them all, and hoping the story would die down as a result is not very good. (ANI)