Clarkson’s wife decides to divorce ‘beleaguered’ Top Gear presenter: Reports

Wellington, May 06: Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s wife Frances has reportedly decided to divorce the beleaguered BBC show host after two decades of marriage.

Media reports have revealed that Clarkson’s relation with his wife has been under growing strain for some time, following claims that the TV presenter had been unfaithful throughout their marriage and the couple has been living apart for three years.

According to, a source revealed that Frances went on a holiday to Majorca last month with her best friend to celebrate the divorce.

The source said that apparently Clarkson’s wife really had a jolly boozy time because she is finally getting a divorce from the Top Gear presenter and had been celebrating that.

The source further added that all her friends had been waiting for years for Frances to do that and she finally has done it.

However, another source denied that Clarkson had divorced his wife, emphasizing that he remained married to Frances for now, saying that getting divorced and being divorced are different.

Meanwhile, Frances said that she is unwilling to comment and refused to either confirm or deny the story.

Media reports have also revealed that Clarkson has allegedly struck up a relationship with Phillipa Sage, who has worked on Top Gear as events organizer. (ANI)