Cross border trade flourishes between India and Pakistan

Poonch (Jammu and Kashmir), May 10: Cross border trade between India and Pakistan continues to flourish peacefully. Recently, more than 25 truckloads of bananas from India and ten truckloads of dry fruits from Pakistan crossed over, facilitating a huge volume of trade between the neighbours.

The Custodian of Cross Line of Control (LoC) trade in Jammu and Kashmir, Mohammed Bashir Lone, said on Saturday that trade is flourishing between the two sides.

“Trade is flourishing peacefully. From our end, 25 vehicles are going on a daily basis. From there, around seven, eight, ten, and today, 14 trucks containing apples, herbs and dry fruits have arrived. Our trade of Chakan Da Bagh has got a boost. Traders are working hard,” Bashir said.

The trans-LoC trade resumed in February which was suspended after Jammu and Kashmir Police had seized over 100 kilograms of heroin concealed in a truck full of nuts coming from the Pakistan side in January.

The row erupted when Indian police impounded a truck coming from Chakoti on the Pakistan side of Kashmir and arrested its driver, saying they had found 114 packets of heroin concealed in a cargo of almonds.

A trader, Mohammed Asif, said there was peace in the area.

“With this trade, our area has witnessed peace. The misunderstanding between people has been resolved,” Asif said.

Pakistan had halted cross-border trade and bus travel across the Himalayan region after the seizure.

Asif added that the Indian Government has also requested the Pakistan Government to increase the number of items allowed under the LoC trade protocols from 21 to at least 40. (ANI)