‘Daring’ Anderson lands in hot water for taking Pope’s snap

London, May 04: Manchester United midfielder Anderson has landed in trouble for clicking a photo of the Pope in his own home despite being warned about it before hand.

Anderson, who is currently on-loan to ACF Fiorentina, had reportedly gone to Vatican City with his teammates this week ahead of the Italian Cup final, to get a good luck blessing from the pontiff.

According to Metro.co.uk, Anderson and the other players had been warned before hand that clicking photos of the Pope in his own home is against Papal laws, but the midfielder ignored the warning and took a snap for his Instagram page.

Anderson also went ahead and reportedly filmed some undercover videos of the impressive ceilings and artwork without being spotted.

The Brazilian’s actions have infuriated Vatican officials and Anderson is currently in trouble over the picture, with a lot of his own supporters blasting him on social media, the report added. (ANI)