Demi Lovato reveals her bulimia, drug abuse hell

Washington, May 1: Demi Lovato has opened up years of struggle with drug abuse, bulimia and self-harm and going through depression in her childhood.

The 21-year-old star told Cosmopolitan For Latinas that her real life was quite different from her cheerful appearance on ‘Barney With Friends’, as she felt so lonely at the middle of the night that it was even hard to pick up the phone and call her family and friends, the Huffington Post reported.

She said that after her rehab stint in 2010 and a break from the spotlight, she turned a new leaf and since then returned to acting and released two albums.

Lovato added that when she was younger, she needed someone in the spotlight to idolize who would stand for positivity, light and happiness, and that she would do that for her 12-year-old sister. (ANI)