Experts hail Supreme Court’s decision on investigating officers of JT Secretary rank

New Delhi, May 6: Experts on Tuesday welcomed the apex court’s verdict on paving the way for the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to investigate officers of joint secretary rank and above.

Former CBI director Joginder Singh hailed the direction and said it would help curb corruption in politics.

“It is a superb judgment. It was an uncalled for restriction on the investigating agencies. It is nowhere in the world, only we brought it out here or rather our leaders brought it out here only to save the corrupt who are carrying out orders out here,” said Singh.

A Supreme Court’s constitution bench had struck down the single directive which required the Government’s nod by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for even investigating officers of the level of joint secretary and above.

Not only experts, even several political leaders are welcoming the move as it will carve a way for bias-free investigation in matters regarding top leaders.

“I compliment Supreme Court for giving such a judgment. There was a tradition that for investigating senior government officials, government permission was necessary. After giving this judgment, the Supreme Court has cleared the path of neutral investigation. It will go for the benefit of the country and it will be helpful in eradicating corruption and misuse of power,” said a leader of Communist Party of India, Gurudas Dasgupta.

However, the judgment has also raised questions regarding the efficiency and capability of the federal police to function independently.

“Accountability is very important. But in the present situation we have to keep in mind that our CBI is not the perfect instrument. It can be dominative over anybody at anytime. So it is not sure what direction will they go in,” said former cabinet secretary, T.S.R Subramaniam. (ANI)