Google Doodle celebrates Nobel-prize winning British chemist Dorothy Hodgkin’s 114th birthday

London, May 12: Google has celebrated 114 birthday of Nobel-prize winning British chemist Dorothy Hodgkin by creating a doodle for her on its home page.

According to the Independent, Hodgkin, born 12 May 1910, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering the molecular structure of vitamin B12, making her at the time only the third woman to win the prize.

The Google doodle shows the structure of the penicillin molecule that Dorothy was working on in 1964.

Famous for her advancement of the technique of X-ray crystallography, Dorothy used the technique to work out the molecule.

The image on Google Doodle is based on Hodgkin’s model, which is on display in the Science Museum in London, the report adds. (ANI)