Gujarat Government forming state commission on snoopgate is farcical, says Sibal

New Delhi, May 3: Union Law Minister, Kapil Sibal has termed that the Gujarat Government’s decision of forming a state commission to investigate the snoopgate was farcical.

“Their real persona is revealed through snoopgate. They thought if the centre creates a commission then they will have a problem. Hence in 2013 they created a state commission on snoopgate. Communications is a subject under list 1, a matter which is in the exclusive jurisdiction of the central Government. But in that commission’s notification they said that the commission shall sumbit its report within three months. By February they should have given a report but by now they havenot even had a meeting of this commission.

“Just see the terms of reference you will get surprised. The authenticity of veracity of the said tapes. No one has denied that they had a conversation then how come this term comes. Secondly, whether the incidents of security surveillance as alleged by Cobrapost and whether it actually took place. Just look at the blatant misrepresentation contrary to their own statements. Can you believe in such a commission which is appointed by himself? Where the investigation has to happen against the chief minister,” Sibal asked.

Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde on Friday said he shudders to think what would happen to the safety of women should BJP leader Narendra Modi become the next prime minister of India.

Directly attacking the BJP prime ministerial candidate during a press conference, Shinde had said everyone was aware of what Modi had done in connection with the Snoopgate row.

“When as CM, he was snooping on women, what will happen to the safety of women if he becomes PM?” Shinde asked.

Confirming what Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal had said earlier on Friday, Shinde said that a judge will be appointed soon to probe the Snoopgate row.

Sibal had announced that a judge will be appointed before May 16 for investigating Snoopgate. (ANI)