Hamilton says he does not need sports `shrink` as Merc hires psychologist in F1

London, May 09: Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has said that he does not need a sports ‘shrink’ despite the team having signed up a sports psychologist to help them analyze the current Formula One season.

Hamilton said that he would not turn to Dr Ceri Evans, who is a qualified psychologist and a psychiatrist and has worked with the All Blacks rugby team in recent times, for help, adding that he has never had it, needed it and will never have it.

According to The Guardian, Hamilton said that they would never be speaking of him taking psychologist help unless he starts going crazy.

The Brit said that for him, as a driver, taking psychologist help is not something that he feels he needs because he has won every championship he has competed in since being eight years old and all he has needed is himself and his family.

Hamilton said that hiring Evans, who had been spotted with the Mercedes team during the most recent Formula One race in China three weeks ago, had really been for the team, as they want to be the best everywhere.

The 2008 Formula One world champion said that he feels sure that his time is trying to do everything as good as they can do, adding that there are things one can learn from different sports and the team is trying to see if there is anything they can learn.

If Hamilton ever needed the help of a sports psychologist it had been in 2011, when he had been racing for McLaren and appeared distracted by a number of issues away from the track, the report added. (ANI)