Hillary Clinton credits mum with being ‘biggest influence’ in life

Washington, May 12: Hillary Clinton has revealed in her upcoming book that her mother had the biggest influence on her life and helped her shape into the person she became.

The former United States Secretary of State’s book ‘Hard Choices’ explores how her mom, Dorothy Howell Rodham, overcame a childhood “marked by trauma and abandonment” while maintaining a strong desire to do good in the world, Politico reported.

According to few of the experts published in Vogue magazine for Mother’s Day, Clinton’s daughter’s pregnancy has led her to think about her relationship with her own mother, whom she has described as “fiercely independent” in the book.

She has said that her mother gave her a lot of unconditional love and support when she was growing up in Park Ridge, Illinois and having her that close became a source of great comfort to her, especially in the difficult period after the end of the 2008 presidential campaign.

Clinton has also written about her mom’s death in 2011 at age 92, saying that Rodham was a fighter her entire life, but it was finally time to let her go and she sat by her bedside and held her hand one last time when she passed away. (ANI)