H.S. Brahma justifies Varanasi DM’s decision to say no to Modi rally

New Delhi, May 9: Election Commissioner H.S. Brahma on Friday justified the decision of the Varanasi District Magistrate of not granting permission to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi for holding a rally in congested Beniya Bagh ground of the constituency.

However, he acknowledged that there was delay in conveying the DM’s decision to the party.

“The returning officer said that it will not be appropriate to hold a rally. But there should not be delay in taking a decision,” Bhrahma told media here.

He said that a Gujarat police official had said that it would not be recommended to give permission to hold rally in Beniya Bagh ground.

“When things can get solved at local SHO or Tehsildaar level why do you escalate to that EC level? If someone approaches you with a genuine request, my opinion is that let your opinion be known to the person promptly,” he added.

He also clarified that the Exit polls are banned only till May 12, the last day of polling. (ANI)