Iran vows to target U.S. aircraft carriers in Gulf if war breaks out

Washington, May 7: Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has warned to target U.S. aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf if war ever broke.

Admiral Ali Fadavi, who heads up Iran’s naval forces, made the comments, as Iran is trying to finish its mock-up of an American carrier.

Fadavi said that aircraft carriers are the symbol of America’s military might.

He added that the carriers are responsible for supplying America’s air power, and therefore Iran wants to sink the carriers, the Washington Times reports.

He added that the size of the carriers makes them an ‘easy target’.

Fadavi claimed he’s already conducted a number of training sessions in which Iranian naval officials take out a mock-up U.S. carrier.

A U.S. Navy official, however, dismissed the Revolutionary Guard’s threat, adding that Iran’s supposed speedy destruction of the simulated American carrier was just that, the report added. (ANI)