Kashmir opens chinar tree garden to promote tourism in valley

Kulgam (Jammu and Kashmir), May 4: In an effort to woo tourists to Kulgam in Kashmir, the state tourism department threw open a tourist park by the side of a scenic fresh water brook.

This initiative by the tourism department is expected to improve the economy and employment opportunities in the area.

The department took approximately 2.75 acres of waste land to develop it to a fully landscaped garden of deciduous Chinar trees, and hence it is known as Chinar Park.

Kulgam is 70 kilometers away from Srinagar.

A whopping 2 crore (20 million)has already been spent on the park and an additional amount of 50 lakh rupees(5 million) is also planned to be spent more on this park.

“We have constructed a park by the side of the water stream with a lot a Chinar trees on either side. We have therefore named it ‘Chinar Park’. Kulgam area has a large potential to attract tourists. We hope to project Kulgam also in the tourist map of Kashmir soon,” said Director, Tourism Department in Jammu and Kashmir, Talat Parvez.

Another main aim according to the department is to provide a shelter and stop over for locals as well as tourists travelling to other destinations in Kashmir.

The locals of the area are delighted and optimistic that the new park would open new employment opportunities for them with the boost in tourism.

“Employment opportunities will increase here as new hotels and restaurants will come up. It will be of great help to the local residents,” said a resident, Mohammad Ayub.

The park is one of its kind with the main attraction being the water stream flowing in the middle of the park. The department is also planning to construct a cafeteria and rest rooms. (ANI)