Kashmir’s traditional ‘Kahwa’ tea lures tourists to valley

Srinagar, May 10: The Kashmir Valley’s traditional tea, ‘Kahwa,’ is luring tourists.

Kashmiris relish ‘Kahwa’ at breakfast along with a snack known as ‘Baqirkhani’.

The recent opening of the Tulip Gardens to visitors has also helped in boosting tourism in the valley.

To promote their traditional tea and to entice visitors to come, tourism authorities have put up stalls serving this popular tea at various locations.

“This is the best experience. I never thought it would be so good, and drinking Kahwa is very refreshing. It is beautiful,” said a tourist, Arjun Kumar.

Prepared in a special copper pot, Kahwa is good for health and includes spices like cinnamon and black pepper and has a good quantity of saffron and almonds.

“It’s a really, really wonderful experience. Kahwa is really amazing. I have tasted it for the first time but it hits the body. The flavours of saffron, almonds and spices are really good,” said another tourist, Arti Jain.

Kahwa is usually drunk during winters, but while the rest of the country sizzles because of the summer heat, Kashmir is still experiencing pleasant spring weather.

“People come here and drink Kahwa. It makes them happy. They like it,” a tea stall vendor, Yousuf told reporters.

The beverage is also famous in Pakistan, Afghanistan and certain areas of Central Asia. (ANI)