Kazakhstan celebrates 22nd Armed Forces Day

Astana (Kazakhstan)/New Delhi, May 7: Kazakhstan is celebrating its 22nd Armed Forces Formation Day today, an Embassy of Kazakhstan press release issued in New Delhi said.

According to the press release, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan were established by the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan in 1992.

It further said that during their proud 22-year history, Kazakhstan’s Armed Forces have not only served to maintain domestic and regional stability, but have also served with distinction in the international arena as well.

Divisions of the Kazakh Armed Forces participate on permanent basis within the framework of international organizations such as the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as well as the North American Treaty Organization (NATO).

The first Kazakh peacekeeping brigade, the “KAZBRIG,” served proudly alongside coalition forces in Iraq, where its Engineering-Sapper Unit successfully neutralized more than 4.5 million explosive devices.

In addition, Kazakh military medical personnel assisted with the treatment of more than 5,000 Iraqi citizens who were injured in the conflict.

Modern military success demands the latest, state of the art armaments and military equipment. The organization charged with ensuring the Kazakh Armed Forces are properly equipped and able to meet the requirements of modernity is the JSC “NC” Kazakhstan Engineering.

Since Armed Forces of Kazakhstan was found, it has been a component of the Ministry of Defense and comprised of three branches of service: the Army, Air Force, and Navy.

To ensure quality personnel training and replenishment the military educational institutions of the National Defense University, the Military Institute of the Army, the Military Institute of Air Defense Forces, the Military Institute of Radio Engineering and Communication, as well as the Cadet Corps were also established and remain in operation today.

It is in these institutions that military officers and enlisted ranks receive the education and training that will prepare them to meet the defense and peacekeeping needs of the country, the embassy release said. (ANI)