N. Korea calls Obama ‘a clown, dirty fellow’ in racist article

Sydney, May 9: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s state propaganda machine has made racist attacks on US President Barack Obama.

The article displays an on-going notion of race superiority.

In the recently published and lengthy racist article, the North called Obama a ‘clown’, a ‘dirty fellow’ and somebody who ‘does not even have the basic appearances of a human being,’ the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The article said that Obama is a crossbreed with unclear blood, adding that he still has the figure of monkey while the human race has evolved through millions of years.

It added that it would be perfect for Obama to live with a group of monkeys in the world’s largest African natural zoo and lick the bread crumbs thrown by spectators.

The attack, published May 2 by the Korean Central News Agency, almost escaped foreign attention.

However, Josh Stanton, who blogs regularly about the North’s viciousness and rights violations, revealed the article.

Stanton has also revealed a separate, milder article that was translated into English and in which Obama was called a ‘wicked black monkey,’ the report said.

The article, headlined, “Divine retribution for the juvenile delinquent Obama”, featured four lengthy passages, each attributed to a regular citizen, it added. (ANI)