Lehmann admits 2003 racial slur against Sri Lankan team ‘biggest mistake of life’

Sydney, May 1: Australian coach Darren Lehmann has admitted that his racial outburst against Sri Lanka more than a decade ago is the ‘biggest mistake’ of his life.

Lehmann revealed that players sometimes ask him about the 2003 incident against Sri Lanka – he apologised and served a suspension for shouting a racial obscenity as he entered the dressing room after being run out – and he answers them with candour.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Lehmann accepted that he made the ‘biggest mistake’ of his life when he shouted a racial slur at the Sri Lankan team as he walked into the dressing room after being run out, adding that he apologised to the team and their then-captain Kumar Sangakkara.

Hoping that the team has since forgiven him, Lehmann further said that the ‘mistake’ was a big learning curve in his career, one that he hoped he could impart to his players. (ANI)