Mayweather’s father says Amir Khan more likely to beat King Kong than his son

London, May 01: American boxer Floyd Mayweather’s father finds the idea of Amir Khan competing with his undefeated son funny and said that the British boxer has more chance of beating King Kong than the world boxing champion.

Floyd Senior has laughed off the prospects of Khan, who is reportedly desperate to land a shot at Mayweather, beating the world’s undefeated pound-for-pound king.

According to the Mirror, Floyd Senior said that if Khan wants to fight his son, he should get in line for it, adding that the Brit is a decent fighter, but that is it.

Mayweather’s father said that Khan fighting his son is like the boxer fighting King Kong, adding that the fight, which is due to take place this weekend, would be like the same.

Floyd Senior said that he would give Khan two chances to win and that would be slim and none.

The world champions father also poured on Khan’s claims that Mayweather would want to have a bout with him because of his Asian fans and said that it does not mean ‘s**t’, adding that his son is not scared of ‘this SOB’ and would beat that ‘motherf*****’ half to death.

Floyd Senior said that he just cannot wait for Mayweather to whip Khan’s ass, adding that it would be a mismatch and his son would get indicted for assault. (ANI)