Meet man who didn’t shower for one whole year

London, May 7: A US man did not take shower for an entire year and dipped into rivers, lakes and even waited for rains to clean himself up.

The 27-year-old adventurer and big environmentalist, Rob Greenfield, had earlier planned to go 100 days without using ‘manmade sources of bathing’ during a lengthy bike ride, but he later decided to go further with the idea as he enjoyed it completely, the Daily Star reported.

The California-based man used just two gallons of water a day for the year compared to 100 gallons a day that an average American uses.

He said his mission was to motivate people to start considering their surroundings and to be conscious of how their simple actions influence the world around them.

Greenfield’s projects has been documented online and has earned him 25,000 followers on Twitter.