Modi asks people to elect pro-people BJP government

New Delhi, May 4: Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi during asked the people to support the BJP’s pro-people governance in his address at the 3D Bharat Vijay rally yesterday.

The Congress’ indifference towards the welfare of its people, as also its unconcern to preserve the Nation’s natural resources like the Ganges, was shared by Modi, who appealed to the people to end such adverse form of politics.

Modi talked about the piousness associated with the Ganges, and highlighted how this may get eroded soon since the Holy river, today, is filled with dirt and filth. He spoke of how many committees under the Central government were formed to clean the Ganga, but it was only the funds allotted for it that had disappeared and not the dirt. “Ganga is a part of our culture.

“Thankfully the Ganga has been spared from being seen through ‘communal’ lines. Please bless me so that I can serve Mother Ganges and bring a change in your lives,” said Modi.

Speaking of his close affinity to the people of Uttar Pradesh, Modi expressed grief at how kids in the State were losing their lives due to malnutrition and consumption of polluted water. He stated how this concern was not a case of political complexity but rather of humanity and the will and determination to address and resolve it.

Modi also addressed the troubles people had to face due to floods and asserted how the linking of rivers – as dreamt by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee – could have solved this concern by providing the excess water to the drought-ridden regions.

The dismal state-of-affairs, be it for the betterment of farmers or the clean-up of the Ganges, was spoken off by Modi, who asserted how the Central Government was least bothered to do any of this.

Bringing the people’s attention to the contradiction between the agendas of the Congress and the BJP, he (Modi) spoke of how Congress’ efforts were to save their chair while the BJP’s focus was to bring happiness on the faces of the people.

He spoke of how the Congress was shaken with the recent political fervor for the BJP, so much so that their leaders were unwilling to contest the Elections due to the fear of losing. “Congress is in the ICU. They can get their well wishers out from every jail but that will not make a difference to their fortunes. Congress is rattled. They know their defeat and so are playing games like showing their support for the 3rd front and trying to create instability. Is this what they preach on serving the country?” opined Shri Modi.

BJP’s prime ministerial candidate recalled his recent visit to Seemandhra and spoke of how the people there were determined in supporting a progress-oriented government.

He also affirmed of his vision to develop the East India and make it at par with its Western counterpart, thereby ensuring overall and inclusive development of the Nation.

Modi called upon the people to take the lead in fighting against poverty, illiteracy, blind beliefs and suffering. He urged them to vote for the BJP and show their support for a government that believes in uniting the Nation and developing it for a better tomorrow.

“Elections have gone on for long. Some may be feeling tired but the election is till the last vote, till the last seat. The decision of the people must be clear, and the people must vote for a strong government and give us 300 Lotuses,” Modi added. (ANI)