Modi plays victim over denial of permission to hold rally in Varanasi

Rohaniya (Uttar Pradesh), May 8: Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Thursday spoke about the unfairness over the denial of permission to hold a rally in Varanasi.

In an apparent reference to the district administration in Varanasi denying him permission for holding one of the two rallies here on Thursday, Modi said: “I wanted to hold more meetings in Kashi, but people against me played their cards in a way that EC stopped me from holding meetings,” Modi said at at his rally in Rohaniya.

Modi asked: I hold meetings in so many places. So, security issues only exist in Varanasi? And, if I am ready to die what is their problem?

“I have come here to struggle to solve your problems, to connect with you, don’t want to waste my time on those who abuse me. Instead stated that his only agenda is development, and nothing else,” Modi said

Modi batted for the weaver’s community and said, “Our weavers should get the best opportunities.”

Modi gave credit to the people of Varanasi for teaching Surat in silk and handloom industry which it is now famous for.

“Very few people know that Surat’s silk and the handloom industry which is renowned because of the people of Varanasi who taught the skills to their counterparts in Surat, hence the credit goes to them,” Modi reminded.

He then drew the people’s attention to the tourism sector and emphasised the need to make Varanasi a centre of tourism and termed it as the spiritual capital of India. He also expressed his desire that people of India and world should visit here.

He highlighted how the world goes on a tour to visit Shakespeare in Europe and likewise he wanted to see that people from all over the world must come to see the place of Kabir and Tulsi Das.

Modi once again reminded the people how the Congress had broken its promises and the crowd replied with an emphatic ‘yes’.

“I never played politics on the basis of the caste I was born in, because I believe in a united India,” Modi remarked in an apparent reference to Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s low-level politics comment.

Modi questioned and asked: Do not make fun of my caste. When I talk of development, I expect you to do same. Why are you dividing India? (ANI)