NEC Corp. to conduct 5G trials jointly with NTT Docomo

Tokyo, May 9: Japanese multinational IT company, NEC Corporation, and the mobile phone operator, NTT DOCOMO have reached an agreement to jointly conduct trials for the use of 5th generation or 5G mobile communication standard.

5G denotes the next major phase of mobile telecommunications standards beyond the current 4G. The service is expected to be launched by 2020.

The service aims to achieve communication speed of 10Gbps or greater, enabling higher-definition video transmission and a range of additional benefits such as increased terminal penetration and the sharp rise in traffic by offering more than one thousand times the capacity of Long term Evolution.

Talking about the agreement and the trusted partnership of both the companies, Executive Vice President of NEC Corporation, Shunichiro Tejima expressed confidence over the early establishment of 5G.

“NEC and NTT DOCOMO have a long history together as trusted partners and we are delighted to continue and expand our relationship with this trial of 5G. We are confident that NEC will contribute to the early establishment of 5G technology by leveraging our Small Cell and SDN technology and know-how.” said Tejima.

The technology is believed to be a major catalyst in the field of communication as it will help in a wide range of fields like public safety at times of disaster and emergency and also in classrooms and medical practices.

Similarly it will also improve multi-user technologies by connecting multiple users simultaneously while reducing interference and enabling 5G advancements that include accelerated communication speeds, improved communication quality and greater capacity. (ANI)