People reel under intense heat wave in northern India

New Delhi, May 1: People witnessed an early onslaught of the heat wave as the temperature in New Delhi and some other places rises above 40 degrees Celsius.

The national capital recorded the season’s highest at 42.1 degree Celsius on Wednesday.

A resident of Delhi, Ritu, complained about the blistering heat wave in the national capital.

“There is intense summer heat in the month of April itself. The month of April is witnessing such a high temperature, the condition will worsen in the months of May and June.”Ritu said.

Many parts of the country witnessed a hot, dry and dusty day as the temperature rose three notches above the normal level everywhere in India.

A resident of Bhopal, Devendra Soni, said that the scorching heat wave has resulted in an increased demand for electricity.

“It is extremely hot and there is an electricity problem also in the area. We are facing a lot of problem in this heat wave since plenty of trees of the area have been axed down and thus the environment is being harmed,” said Soni.

Meteorological officials said that maximum temperatures are expected to rise by as much as 2-3 degrees over the next couple of days in central and northern India, leading to the development of heatwave conditions over some parts of the region.

“There is a possibility of increase in temperature by 2 to 3 degree Celsius. There is a cyclonic circulation on northwest MP (Madhya Pradesh). There is a possibility of rains in some areas of western MP. The drizzle will help to bring down the temperature. Overall there is a possibility of an increase in temperature in the state,” said a meteorological official, E.R Chintalu.

A resident of Guwahati, Salim Javed, said that the blazing heat discourages people from stepping out of doors.

“This year the heat wave is very intense. After 15 years, it seems that the temperatures are around 50 degrees. We are facing a lot of problem as we cannot go for work or to college. The entire energy is drained out in the heat of the day,” said Javed.

The heat wave condition will continue for the next several days.

Locals were seen carrying umbrellas and drinking fruit juices to protect themselves from the sun and beat the heat. The roadside juice vendors were doing brisk business as the locals thronged shops for refreshing cold beverages.

The heat wave has affected normal lives of the people and forced them to stay indoors. (ANI)