Police rescue six miners in West Bengal

Asansol (West Bengal), May 4 ( ANI): Police rescued six workers from a coal mine on Saturday after being trapped in an abandoned coal mine at Jamuria area of Asansol city in West Bengal.

Miners were trapped for about 22 hours in an illegal coal mine at Pariharpur village.

The men, all local villagers, were trapped as the abandoned mine caved in on Friday and were trapped underneath for over 30 hours.

Police had started operation to seal every illegal coal mine due to which six miners were trapped in the illegal mine.

Later, the villagers heard noises for help from underground after which the local governing bodies initiated rescue operation of the tapped.

Communist party of India (Marxist) CPI (M) candidate, Asansol parliamentary constituency, Bangsagopal Chowdhury, blamed the administration for not taking any concrete steps to rescue the poor miners.

“A handful of people living under the caring hood of Trinamool Congress and they are doing extensive plundering in this area. Now it is cleared like day light that police filled this soil to kill those poor labours to hide these things from election observer eyes. Police and administration did nothing since yesterday evening to rescue those labours,” Chowdhury said.

The rescued miners were admitted to Asansol Hospital for treatment.

The coal-rich area is dotted with illegal mines as a section of locals regularly extract the mineral for selling in open market.

Despite its vast coal reserves, India has to import the fuel as mining is hobbled by corruption and legal battles.

Reforming coal mining would help contain the country’s trade deficit and aid the stretched power sector.

The new government could lease coal blocks to private companies on a contract basis, which would ease legal problems and help boost production in the short-term. (ANI)