Pro-Russian protesters release 67 people after storming police headquarters in Ukrainian city

Washington, May 5: Hundreds of pro-Russian demonstrators stormed police headquarters in Ukrainian city of Odessa on Sunday and released nearly 67 people.

The move comes days after deadly clashes that left 42 dead in the Ukrainian port city.

According to Fox News, the people were released just hours after Ukrainian interim Prime Minister accused Russia and anti-government protesters of orchestrating a ‘real war’ to threaten Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that the Kiev government would allow a ‘full, comprehensive, and independent investigation’ into clashes in the Black Sea port, the report said.

The violence began with street fighting between two sides in which at least three people were reported killed by gunfire.

Yatsenyuk told the BBC that he personally blame the security service and law enforcement office for doing nothing to stop this crackdown.

However, Yatsenyuk added that pro-Russian groups were also to blame for ‘provoking the unrest’ and accused Russia and the protesters of orchestrating ‘real war to eliminate Ukraine and eliminate Ukrainian independence,’ the report added. (ANI)