SC orders Campa Cola Society residents to vacate flats by May 31

New Delhi, May 5: The Supreme Court on Monday ordered residents of illegal flats in the Campa Cola Society to vacate their homes by May 31.

The apex court denied allowing more time to the residents to vacate the flats.

An irate resident of Campa Cola society, Kamal Parekh, lamented over the civic body’s apathy towards their plight.

“We are very surprised that no one is paying heed to our grievances and we are nowhere to be blamed. We have said it earlier also that we are no where responsible. Why is Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) not trying to resolve this issue?” said Parekh.

The residents said that BMC has done nothing to prevent them from being rendered homeless.

The nearly 100 flats have been declared an illegal construction; in November, just as bulldozers from the city corporation arrived to begin demolishing them, the Supreme Court intervened, stating that occupants would be able to live in the high-rise in South Mumbai till May 31.

Seven high-rises were constructed at the Campa Cola Compound between 1981 and 1989. The builders had permission for only six floors, but constructed several more. (ANI)