Sonia says, Modi’s sole aim is to grab power

Kullu (Himachal Pradesh), May 4: Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Sunday, attacked Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, and said his sole aim was to capture power using the name of martyrs in the wrong way.

Responding on Modi’s speech a few days ago in Himachal Pradesh where he used the famous catch-phrase “Yeh Dil Maange More!” of a Kargil martyr, Vikram Batra, the Congress president Sonia Gandhi responded, “Gujarat’s chief minister had said a few days ago what he wanted when he came here; his only aim is to grab the chair. He is using the martyrs in wrong way which is an attack on our nation’s belief. If you give in to those who believe in destabilizing our democracy then peace will be at stake in the country.

She asked the people to chose the fate of this nation very carefully as the country was on crossroads.

“I have come here at a time when the country is at crossroads and it is you who have to decide which way the country will proceed. Congress with help of all you enabled the country travelled all through, which belongs for all communities. Our road believes in taking everyone along with itself. While the BJP believes in the path of destruction, which teaches divisive tendencies,” Sonia Gandhi said at a rally in Kullu.

She punctured holes on Modi’s Gujarat model as she remarked, “Narendra Modi is selling his dream in the nation of turning the country into a heaven overnight. But it is because of his act that the state of Gujarat is now under debt amounting to rupees one lakh 75 thousand crores. Almost 40 percent people in the villages are yearning for drinking water and also water for irrigation. Every child upto five-year-old are suffering from malnutrition.” (ANI)