Tyson feels happier now as he does not have money: Jamie Foxx

Washington, May 04: American actor Jamie Foxx has revealed that retired boxing legend Mike Tyson told him that is happier now because he does not have money.

Foxx told actress Kelly Ripa on American live show ‘Live with Kelly and Michael’ that he has watched the boxing legend go from his height to where he is currently and when he asked Tyson how he feels, the legend replied that he is happy, ‘God bless Allah, my brother’.

The Oscar winner said that he did not understand and asked Tyson that why is he happy, to which the former undisputed heavyweight champion replied that he does not have money and that makes him very happy as no one is trying to take anything from him, ABC News reported.

The ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ star further told Ripa that it broke his heart when he heard Tyson say that and asked the retired boxer what does he mean and the legend replied that when he had money he had been doing bad stuff too, but everybody had been all over him.

Foxx said that Tyson told him that all he wanted to do is box and fall in love.

Foxx also told Ripa that he hopes to someday portray his friend Tyson in a movie, the report added. (ANI)