Govt.’s decision won’t be affected by UPSC issuing admit cards: Dr. Jitendra Singh

New Delhi, July 25: Minister of State (MoS) in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Dr. Jitendra Singh said here on Friday that the government’s decision is not in any way going to be influenced by the issuing and non-issuing of the admit cards by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

“The UPSC follows a calendar of its own, there is absolutely no co-relation between what the UPSC has done and the kind of decision that the government is going to take and follow it up accordingly. And therefore I think it should not be confused and we must make these youngsters understand that the government’s decision is not in any way going to be influenced by the issuing or non issuing of the admit cards by the UPSC,” said Singh.

“We have already clarified in the parliament. The committee has been again asked to present its report within a period of one week following which we will take a due course of action,” Singh added.

He also criticised the previous ruling Congress government for not investigating into the UPSC issue earlier as it has been going on since 2011-12.

“The previous government had only increased its tenure, and this issue which has raised a controversy has been going on since 2011-2012. At that time they didn’t hold any enquiry into it but now when they are in opposition they are protesting against it,” said Singh

“We are finding a solution and we are going to do it very soon. We are absolutely seized of the matter with all the seriousness, all the sympathy, all the sensitivity at our command. We will not discriminate any student in any way specially on the basis of language,” he added.

Students have been protesting against the exam saying there is a need to change the second paper as it makes it difficult for people coming from rural areas of Hindi-speaking states to crack the exam.

The students argue that the questions asked in language comprehension skills are asked in English and no Hindi translations are provided. They want this to be changed.

However, earlier this month also Jitendra Singh made a statement in the Lok Sabha and assured that no candidate will be discriminated on the basis of language.

The UGC issued admit cards yesterday which further fueled the candidates already protesting against changes made in the examination pattern. (ANI)