India Talkies is an intensive national / internation news coverage portal with various publishing centers across India. It has workforce strength of 20 correspondents, reporters and stringers spread all across the country. A motivated workforce of 25 personnel is associated with the company.

India Talkies is a stand-alone site covering news from around Indian Cities and States. Additionally we provide international headlines, Crime, Terrorist reports, Business and finance headlines. We provide RSS feeds for our various categories including international news. India Talkies has been in operation since 1998 and is part of an international news services agency Talkie.

Corporate Information

Editorial Department:

Managing Editor: Rahul Kapoor

Ronak Singh – Editor-in-Chief
Sr. Editor – Ronak Singh is our strength, he’s our Editor-in-Chief.

Lekha – Associate Editor
Lekha is our Associate Editor and he’s the one who leads our team of copy editors. Lekha is a Techy, you can find him online at least 12 hours per day.

Copy Editors
Our team has three Copy Editors to look after the respective sections.

Entertainment – Padam Chand
He’s a movie freak. He writes about Celeb gossips and Movie Reviews.

Sports News – Nikita
She’s is a Sports fan. Nikita did her MCA in Bangalore. She’s a Cricket Fan, PHP Programmer by Hobby and Content writer by Profession. Nitin writes content related to Sports i.e. Cricket and Football.

World News -Vikas
The guy writes about breaking news.

Legal Advisor
Advocate Dr. Kharbare, PhD in Law [kharbare@indiatalkies.com]

Business Department

Business Director: Sachi [sachi@indiatalkies.com]

Business Manager: Neha [neha@indiatalkies.com]

Technical Department

Technical assistant: Manav Sinha

Contact Us
PO Box 39294
Bangalore, 560008

Email: [contact@indiatalkies.com]


Editorial policy?
We do not necessarily agree to everything that you will find on these pages. We publish articles that will look at an issue from many different perspective to empower our informed readers to draw their own conclusion.

We will not publish articles that is racist, sexist or makes baseless allegation against a person or community.

Financial backing
We are not funded by any Government or Organization, we are helped by many individuals who support us financially, resource and time.

We have writers and contributors sitting in different corners of the world and therefore you will find different styles of language in our articles and stories. You will find US, UK, and Indian English on the pages of India Talkies. We make no attempt to make it one standard, it is a reflection of our international readership and writers pool.